Community Councils Online

Community Councils in Wales now have an obligation to provide specific information online - see Legal Requirement on the left.

Funds are being made available to help Community Councils finance a website for this purpose - see Website Grant on the left.

Community Councils also have the opportunity to enhance their work further by providing additional content and features on their own websites or on shared pages, and by providing or helping to improve local online services.

This page is for members of Community Councils who are not experienced in developing or procuring online services but who have to make these decisions - see Getting Started below.

It is also for anyone who would like to share issues and ideas and so help improve the overall service to local constituents - see Combining Resources below.

Combining Resources

Regardless of how Community Councils meet their statutory requirements there are opportunities for them to enhance online services through sharing problems and ideas, materials and effort.

Please contact us if you are able to contribute or want to be kept informed.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Community Council Websites is an information sheet to help you do just that.