Community Actions

This section changes in response to community concerns and initiatives.

Older pages have been retained where they contain information that isstill valid or where they might give ideas for tackling new community actions or presenting such actions on the website.


The website has supported the provision of Better Broadband particularly in those rural areas where the service has been particularly poor. It has highlighted the issue and the Welsh Assembly Broadband Support Scheme. It has encouraged local people to work together (as in Gower Broadband ***href who progressed a scheme for the user of the Gower Exchange) and provided a facility for local people to contact each other for this purpose. The Welsh Assembly Broadband Support Scheme has now closed and though the Better Broadband page has been archived some information on the value of broadband and how to assess your own broadband service is still valid.

The Welsh Assembly has started a new initiative for SuperFast Broadband - see SuperFast Wales ( and the status of your area at SuperFast Wales When & Where (

Community Council Websites

The website has encouraged local community councils to appreciate their legal responsibility to provide specific information online and to use the one-off Welsh Assembly grant to provide the best solution for their communities. Though the grant date has passed the Community Councils Online page includes guidance which is still valid and the Directory includes a list of Community Council websites.

Regardless of how Community Councils meet their statutory requirements there are opportunities for them to enhance online services through sharing problems and ideas, materials and effort. Please contact us if you are able to contribute or want to be kept informed.

Infrastructure & Energy Projects

The website has opposed the inappropriate positioning of wind turbines (as in the national proposal for the Atlantic Array in the Bristol Channel which has now been withdrawn by the developers and the local proposals for Mynydd y Gwair). The original Atlantic Array pages have now been archived but the approach to community actions may be relevant to other local campaigns.


National and local planning strategies and specific planning proposals can affect people in a variety of ways.

The Planning page includes links to planning authorities and highlights significant proposals.